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For more than 25 years, HRdirect® has offered personnel products for businesses throughout the United States. Today, the HRdirect family of brands are the primary source of practical and affordable HR products and services for smart employers.

Tens of thousands of businesses use our attendance forms and software to track millions of employees’ attendance habits every year. They like the calendar format because it lets them quickly see who’s reliable, who’s questionable and who’s a problem. It’s pretty much that simple.

Still, we asked: What could make these tasks even easier?

Our Idea

With TrackSmart.com, we’ve created the next generation of our customers’ favorite attendance calendars as an easy-to-use online software application.

We’ve kept all the features of the manual forms, automated the record storage, administration, calculations and reporting, and took it to the cloud for easy access from any web-connected computer.

We’ve also built an employee self-service system that lightens the workload from the business owner or HR administrator into the hands of your employees. It provides employees a view into time-off histories and balances, allows them to submit requests and time sheets online or through a mobile app, and empowers supervisors to manage the approvals process. So more than just a simple attendance recordkeeper, you have an easy-to-use yet robust interactive solution for your entire business.

So please try it, use it, and give us your feedback so we can make it even better!

Our Approach

We talk to customers like you every day. We listen to better understand your challenges. We track federal and state regulatory activity and monitor the economic environment. We consult with experts, including our own in-house legal team, to understand how these environments affect your business. And we bring together all these resources to continually develop and update our products, services and communications to help you be more successful.

Our Mission

We help U.S. businesses minimize compliance and legal risk while fostering more productive and secure workplaces.

We accomplish this by building their awareness and understanding of relevant business management issues and providing proven, timely solutions. Through these efforts, we fulfill our passion for creating positive work environments for our customers and ourselves.

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