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Intelligent Reporting

Pull Reports on Absences and Other Time Off

Run the absence detail report to view information on any single absenceor pull a time-off summary report to view time off (both used and remaining) for each employee.

Keep Track of Employee Schedules

Prevent scheduling conflicts using the employee scheduler report, which lets you see who will be out and when, as far into the future as you like.

Stay in the Loop, Even When You’re Out of the Office

Receive weekly calendar summary emails to see any events or absences entered in your personal calendar.

Customizable “Favorite” Reports Save You Time

Create and save the reports you run the most in your Favorites bank foreasy access.

Intelligent Reporting  

Robust & Secure Recordkeeping

Simplify Attendance Tracking

The main calendar lets you view all employees’ time off or other absences in a weekly or monthly view.

Store Employee Profiles in a Central Location

Our attendance tracking software lets you create and store basic employee profiles covering personal and contact information, time-off allowances and employment statuses.

Time Sheets Saved for When You Need Them

View employee hours worked for any date range in either a summary or a more detailed view, including overtime hours or any paid-time-off use.

Save the Date

Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, company events or other important dates within a single calendar view.

Employee Self-Service

Ditch the Spreadsheet:
Timesheets Made Easy
Ditch the Spreadsheet:
Time Sheets Made Easy

Our time-off report shows upcoming and previous time off for any employee during any time period.

Never Miss Another
Vacation Request
Never Miss Another
Vacation Request

Employees can request vacation days or other time off through the Employee Self-Service site or mobile app.

Save Time with Supervisor
Self-Service Features
Save Time with Supervisor
Self-Service Features

Lighten your workload by granting supervisors permission to approve time-off requests and time sheets in-app.

Keep Employees up to Date
Keep Employees up to Date

Employees with self-service access can view their own calendars, company dates and, with permission, others' time off.

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