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  • Strengthen Everyday HR Management with Medical Office Management Software

  • Give Your Practice a Healthy Boost with Healthcare Employee Time and Attendance Software

  • Overcome Scheduling Stress with Easy-to-Use Healthcare Employee Scheduling Software

  • Healthcare Employee Time Clock Software is the Remedy for Flexible Time Tracking

When your priority is the health and well-being of your patients, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the HR management side of your practice.

You want to spend more time on patients than paperwork, but the list of responsibilities looms large. Painless HR management is possible with the TrackSmart suite of medical office time and attendance software. This robust software regimen, designed especially for medical offices like yours, supports staff management in three key areas:

Cover Your Scheduling Needs with Employee Scheduling Software

Create shift schedules in mere seconds, with the option to “set it and forget it” for recurring daily, weekly or monthly schedules. For more strategic scheduling, simply select staff members based on their skills or availability. You’ll never go under-staffed again because visual cues indicate if you’ve scheduled the appropriate employee for each shift. You and your staff have 24/7 online access to shift schedules via the mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

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Time Clock Software to Capture Employee Hours in Real-Time

Put your bulky and unreliable mechanical punch clocks to rest. Online time tracking allows your staff to clock in or out from any computer, tablet or even their own smartphones. Then, managers can approve clock times or override reported hours. Plus, you’ll find payroll preparation faster and more efficient with accurate time reports as a foundation.

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Get Ahead of Attendance Issues with Time and Attendance Software

A central calendar shows all scheduled personal time off for a week or a month at time for easy reference. One glance and you’ll know if you’re running your medical office with the right amount of staff, based on skills and specialties. Online and mobile self-service features let employees request time off and track their own time-off balances. And you can be confident everybody’s time off gets counted correctly with automatic accruals.

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