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  • Overcome Your Day-to-Day HR Management Challenges with Office Workforce Management Software

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As a small business owner or manager, you take on a lot of different responsibilities.

Growing your business is your biggest priority, but to do this, you need a firm handle on employee scheduling and management. Meeting your HR responsibilities is easier with the TrackSmart suite of office time and attendance software. This trio of cloud-based software, designed especially for small businesses like yours, streamlines staff management through:

Shift Scheduling Software for Stress-Free Scheduling

With this online tool at your fingertips, you can create schedules in the fraction of the time it used to take. Use the Auto Scheduler feature to generate schedules based on employee availability and specific positions. For employees who work the same hours each day, “set it and forget it” with schedules that repeat daily, weekly or monthly.

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Fast and Easy Time Tracking with Employee Time Clock Software

Mechanical time clocks don’t compare to the convenience of tracking and recording employee time electronically. Your staff can clock in or out from any computer, tablet or even their own smartphones. Then, managers can approve time entries or override reported hours. In addition to more accurate time tracking, you can take advantage of tools to calculate payroll and labor costs.

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Monitor Absenteeism with Time and Attendance Software

It’s easier than ever to keep tabs on who’s in, who’s out, when and why. A main calendar shows your entire workforce’s time off in a single, organized view for quick reference. With the mobile apps or web access, employees can electronically request time off, submit time sheets or check their time-off balances. Plus, instead of manually entering PTO, you can set up an annual or accrual-based time-off plan to suit your needs.

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