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Running a restaurant, café, bar or coffee shop often feels like an around-the-clock job.

To be successful, you have to put as much effort into scheduling and managing your staff as you do perfecting your menu and serving your customers. Striking the right balance is possible with the TrackSmart suite of restaurant time and attendance software. This hard-working set of tools, designed especially for restaurants like yours, supports staff management in three key areas:

Shift Scheduling Software That’s Always on the Go

Online scheduling offers conveniences handwritten scheduling can’t touch. Create recurring or customized schedules in a flash. Schedule the right mix of staff members so you’re always covered, no matter how busy it gets. And give your workers the option to swap shifts or even take shifts that are “up for grabs.”

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Employee Time Clock Software for Fast and Accurate Time Tracking

Mechanical time clocks don’t compare to the convenience of tracking and recording employee time electronically. Employees can use any computer or smart device to clock in and out — and managers can monitor their activity just as readily. Handy tools for calculating payroll and labor costs are also available.

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Keep a Closer Eye on Attendance with Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Take advantage of automatic accrual of paid time off for sick days, vacation and holidays. You’ll always know the exact dates and reasons for absences, along with how much time off an employee has left. Plus, employees can request time off electronically, which their managers can then approve or deny.

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