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  • Retail Workforce Management Software is a “Must Have” for Effortless Time and Schedule Tracking

  • Retail Employee Time and Attendance Tracking Software Keeps Your Focus on Customer Service

  • Online Retail Employee Scheduling Software Provides Hassle-Free Scheduling

  • Retail Employee Time Clock Software Delivers Powerful and Flexible Time Tracking

You never know what’s in store when you’re running a retail establishment

With a focus on attracting customers and offering the latest and greatest products, you may feel stretched thin handling the scheduling and management side of the business. The TrackSmart suite of retail time and attendance software can help you strike the right balance. With practical tools designed especially for retail stores like yours, you’ll gain control of some of your biggest staff management issues through:

Shift Scheduling Software for Hassle-Free Scheduling

Create recurring or customized schedules in a few clicks, based on employee availability and specific positions. A quick onscreen check and you’ll know if you’ve scheduled the necessary cashiers, sales staff and managers for each shift. Plus, you can manage and modify staff schedules, 24/7, online or via your smartphone or tablet.

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Fast and Easy Time Tracking with Employee Time Clock Software

Now you can track employees real-time, rather than limiting yourself to old-fashioned mechanical punch clocks. Your staff can clock in or out from any computer or smart device — and your managers can log in as well, for around-the-clock monitoring and approval. That way, you’ll always be one step ahead of late and “no-show” employees.

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Simpler Attendance Management with Time and Attendance Software

Spend more time on customers and less on coordinating with a single calendar that shows your entire retail staff’s time off in a clear, organized view. You can be confident everybody’s time off gets counted correctly with automatic accruals for sick days, vacation days and holidays. A few different reports help you check for scheduling conflicts and manage absences more effectively, as well.

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